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From Tattoos to Terminations-an Overview of HR Laws (Core)23FA00710/10/23219.00
Compensation & Benefits Overview & Best Practices (Core)23FA01011/03/23219.00
Effective Coaching Skills (Core)23FA01510/19/23159.00
Preparing for the Role of Supervisor (Core)23FA02411/28/23159.00
Nonprofit Strategic Planning (Core)23FA02511/28/23159.00
Aligning HR with Organizational Strategies (Core)23FA03910/24/23159.00
Building Effective Teams Through Communication (Elective)23FA05210/12/23159.00
Let's MEET: How to Motivate, Encourage, & Engage Your Team (Core)23FA06011/08/23159.00
Grant Writing Ethics (Core)23FA06610/23/23159.00
Interviewing & Selecting the Best Candidate (Core)23FA07111/30/23159.00
Grant Funding Research (Core)23FA09311/02/23159.00
Effective Feedback & Difficult Conversations (Core) - Online23FA10810/05/23159.00
Business & Financial Concepts (Elective)23FA116911/09/23159.00
Tax 101: Divorce & Taxes - Online23FA118810/17/23169.00
Motivating Multi-Generational Teams23FA119411/21/23159.00
Listening to Hear: Enhancing Communication Skills23FA121810/26/23159.00
Basic Lighting & Posing for Family & Friends23FA122310/03/23209.00
Grant Funding for Community Programs (Elective)23FA122611/14/23159.00
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Instagram & TikTok for Business23FA122810/17/23159.00
Uncovering Needs & Value (Core)23FA124210/09/23159.00
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Providing Value (Core)23FA124310/16/23159.00
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Closing the Sale (Core)23FA124410/23/23159.00
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Strategic Content Creation23FA124510/27/23159.00
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Leadership 2023: The New Frontier (Elective)23FA124710/17/23159.00
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Understanding the Principles of Adult Learning (Elective)23FA124810/12/23159.00
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Tax Planning in the New Age23FA125011/02/2349.00
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The Archaeology of Plymouth Colony23FA125210/18/23119.00
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Polish & Publish Your Book23FA125810/05/2369.00
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Make Your Book Sell23FA125912/07/2369.00
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Onboarding: Creating a High Return on Your Hiring Investment (Elective)23FA16111/17/23159.00
UT Photography Weekend23FA25411/03/23219.00
Program Evaluation (Core)23FA45210/31/23159.00
HR Concepts for Supervisors (Core)23FA46411/02/23159.00
Improve Your Financial Knowledge23FA50411/07/2369.00
Planning for Retirement23FA51310/17/2369.00
Home Landscape Design & Installation (Required)23FA58010/05/23129.00
Pruning: Art & Science23FA59510/07/2369.00
Composting: Life from Dead Stuff23FA61010/21/2369.00
Microsoft Excel 2021: Advanced23FA66611/17/23189.00
Microsoft Excel 2021: Intermediate23FA67811/03/23189.00
Exploring the Night Sky23FA68511/06/2389.00
Podcasting for Business23FA70510/06/23159.00
WordPress Websites 101 Workshop23FA71011/02/23159.00
WordPress Websites 10123FA72311/02/23159.00
Get Found - Navigating the New Rules of SEO23FA73011/14/23159.00
Cherokee Plant Lore & More23FA73810/07/2369.00
Conflict Management Through Self Evaluation23FA74911/14/23169.00
Fall Colors in an Old-Growth Forest23FA93211/04/2369.00
Elkmont: Transition & Change23FA93811/11/2369.00
The Banquet-Style Luncheon(Closed)*23FACULLUN-810/13/2314.00
The Tableside Luncheon23FACULLUN-910/20/2314.00
Project Management Exam - Intense Review23FAM10410/27/23639.00
UT Non-Credit Course Gift Certificate23GIFTCERT01/01/2350.00
Bears of Our Smokies23SP86110/28/2369.00
Hiking: Just Getting Started23WI85210/21/2369.00
UT Accelerated Culinary Program24WI500-101/08/245600.00
UT-Relyant UXO Training Program24WIUTUXO01/22/249795.00

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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