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If you have registered for a class with us before:

  • You DO NOT need to create a new student profile. You will sign in with your email address (if it has changed since the last time you registered, please contact us so we can assist you in changing it).
  • Your initial password will be your first and last initials followed by your zip code. For example: if John Smith lives at 123 Main St., Knoxville, TN 37919, his initial password would be js37919.
  • After your initial log-in you will be prompted to change your password. You must change your password at this time or the system will not allow you to complete the registration process.
  • If you are registering more than one person from your family, you must know their Email Address or ID # to complete a 'proxy' registration.
  • ***Important Note for those paying by Credit Card: the Wait page will be displayed to you while the system is waiting for credit card approval. DO NOT move away from this page (click your Back button, select another URL, etc.) until the process is completed. If you do, the approval process is aborted and you WILL NOT be enrolled in the course.





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